Investment Strategy

SilverCap Partners is a real estate private equity firm focused on the Southern Sunbelt region of the United States. The firm's expertise crosses multiple property sectors with a predominant focus on industrial, residential and office investments.

SilverCap operates in segments of the real estate market where it has high conviction in the long term demand drivers and believes a combination of capital and operational expertise can serve as a positive catalyst for future value. The firm generally targets investments that fall in to one of two categories:

High Quality Development Projects with Tested Partners

  • Common or Preferred Equity Structures 
  • Shovel ready, single asset developments or longer term, multi phase projects 
  • Merchant build or build-to-own strategies

Acquisition of Existing Assets with Value Creation Opportunity 

  • Asset renovation programs resulting in higher rents, improved tenancy and/or better exit pricing
  • Improved occupancy through better execution and leasing capital availability
  • Acquiring assets in temporarily out of favor property types or markets
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